Conscious Living with Michael and Bianca

Episode 5: Conscious Living with Michael and Bianca

In this episode of The Magic Inclined Podcast, we are joined by Michael and Bianca, executive producers and hosts of the travel lifestyle show Conscious Living.

Show notes

This week, Michael & Bianca, executive producers and hosts of the travel lifestyle show Conscious Living, join us for a beautiful and indulgent conversation around adventuring into consciousness and the journey of living mindfully.

We talk about:

  • The inception of the Conscious Living show - how Bianca & Michael were struck by creative inspiration to combine their talents & spread positivity to the world
  • The magic of Bali - the powerful energy and incredible experiences Bali has to offer & how this magical place influenced them
  • Conscious Travel - The traveling duo share ways to offset your travel carbon footprint, questions to ask before your next adventure, & what to expect next season of Conscious Living
  • Their advice for a plant-based diet PLUS where to find the best vegan cheese in France
  • Michael & Bianca share advice for your physical & metaphysical journey into mindful living - some of their techniques, check-ins, quotes, techniques, philosophies, & so much more!

Meet Michael and Bianca:

Conscious Living is a fun lifestyle series now streaming on Amazon Prime, and premiering on PBS (for season 4!) that travels the globe on a hunt for what it takes to be a more mindful human - from unique yoga and wellness adventures to mouthwatering vegan street food, sustainable eco-fashion and design, and uplifting spiritual transformation. Through the exciting and meaningful adventures of its hosts — vegan chef Michael Alexander and his yogi wife, Bianca — Conscious Living inspires audiences around the world to embrace a more conscientious, healthy life. The media we consume is an important part of the wellness revolution, which led Bianca and Michael to conceive Conscious Living on a beach in Bali during their honeymoon in 2004. During a year-long spiritual sabbatical in the healing vortex of Sedona, Arizona, they produced the first episodes of Conscious Living as a resource to conscious travelers in 2006. Since launching Conscious Living, they’ve produced hundreds of inspiring stories at beautiful destinations in 18+ countries like a Zen hot springs meditation retreat near Big Sur, California and an Ayurvedic yoga detox in the Himalayas, and given viewers front-row seats to ethical events like an upcycled eco-fashion show in Hong Kong, while helping them hunt for the tastiest vegan street food from Bali to Berlin. Throughout the series, they have collaborated with Safeway/Von's O Organics Brand, Hain Celestial, Aveda, Whole Foods, Soda Stream, and more. Take the journey with Conscious Living as they travel the wild path to a brighter tomorrow.

To connect with Michael and Bianca, please visit:
Instagram @conciouslivingtv

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