Impactful Business Practices with Tristan

Episode 1: Impactful Business Practices with Tristan

Show notes

This week, Tristan joins us for a beautiful and indulgent conversation around impactful business practices. Tristan is a brand strategist and the CEO & founder of Wild Woman House, a collaborative and all inclusive branding agency that specializes in creating brands that are designed to be industry disruptors with impact. Tristan leads us through the winding journey from artist, to dietician, to entrepreneur and her path today.

We will discuss:

  • Tristan guides us through her processes to care for mind, body, and spirit
  • Dealing with anxiety & depression: teaching your body how to feel safe
  • Finding your unique work life balance
  • The beauty of collaboration & support
  • Tristan shares her favorite task management apps
  • CEO mindset, letting yourself get messy, & embracing a jack of all trades mindset
  • Entrepreneurial advice & so much more!


Meet Tristan:

Tristan is a Brand Strategist and Mentor and is the CEO and Founder of Wild Womn Haus, a collaborative and all-inclusive branding agency that specializes in creating brands that are designed to be industry disruptors with impact. Tristan believes that your brand is the key to not only attracting your ideal clients, but to positioning yourself as an unparalleled and highly influential leader in your industry, and in the world at large.

As a womn of many career pivots herself, Tristan has seen firsthand the benefit of having a strong brand that can evolve with you as you grow and develop as an entrepreneur. Embracing the identity as a “jack of all trades” has landed Tristan spots on the news, on radio and TV, in magazines, and countless other opportunities that Tristan credits to the strength and versatility of her brand.

After years of entrepreneurship, having built multiple businesses, and after serving as a mentor and coach to female entrepreneurs, Tristan now supports her community in using their brand to scale their own businesses, and to bring their vision for BIG impact and BIG income to life.

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