Intuitive Healing with Holly Laurel

Episode 6: Intuitive Healing with Holly Laurel

Show notes

This week, Holly Laurel, reiki master and spiritual guide, joins us for a beautiful and indulgent conversation around Intuitive Healing. We explore so many topics from Holly’s roots in alternative wellness, through her hesitancy to begin working as a healer, and the joys of surrendering to your own magic & gifts. We talk about:

  • Holly’s spiritual upbringing, working in the corporate world, and her journey to becoming a healer

  • Navigating the pandemic - the wonder of Reiki readings in person and from a physical distance

  • Self sessions - managing the dualistic role of giver & receiver

  • Coming out of the spiritual closet - how the pandemic pushed Holly and others inward and outward

  • Surrendering to our own gifts and magic - our unique boundaries and tapping-in

  • Lightness & Darkness: how to work with both of these energies

  • The energy of this year: the energy this year will bring & what to be aware of looking forward in 2022

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