Psychotherapy  with Kathryn Vetter Miller

Episode 3: Psychotherapy with Kathryn Vetter Miller

Unleash the magic that unfolds when we go inward.

Show notes

This week, Kathryn Vetter Miller, ( joins us for a beautiful and indulgent conversation about how the loss of her parents led her to Jungian Psychothrapy, and the magic that unfolded on her journey.

Meet Kathryn:

Kathryn is a licensed psychotherapist working in Los Angeles who specializes in somatic and trauma informed practices with an emphasis on Jungian depth psychology. She is an artist and alternative healing practitioner with a background in reiki and mindfulness, and with her latest venture, as an intuitive coach, Kathryn has integrated these divergent modalities to provide a holistic service for seekers wanting to strengthen their own inner vision.

To connect with Kathryn, please visit:

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